Team Development

Is your team not scaling as the organization grows?  Is your team not achieving the results you know are possible? Are you looking to improve alignment, communication and creativity in your organization?


In today’s ever-changing environment it can be a big challenge to attend to both what your team is focused on and how they are working together and across the organization to get things done.  Perhaps your team members have too much to do and not enough time.  Or maybe there are conflicts, role confusion, and communication challenges within your organization.


It’s easy to see how this happens.  First of all, what helped your team be successful to date may not be the same things they’ll need to do to be successful in the next phase of growth and change.  And it’s hard to find time to build a strong foundation and solve the root causes of problems when everyone’s in firefighting mode.  In addition, you may have tried to address some of these issues but you’re not quite seeing the results you hoped for.


Crescent Coaching can work with you to design a program that helps your team excel, where everyone is energized to come to work and has fun there too.


Key aspects of Crescent Coaching’s approach include:

  • Partnership with you, the team leader, to understand the challenges and changes that are needed.
  • Investing time to build a strong foundation for future success.
  • Building strong relationships and networks of support within your team.
  • Ensuring that roles for individuals are based on their strengths and passions.
  • Addressing issues on many levels: personal, interpersonal, team, company.


Our team development projects start with a deep engagement with you to clarify what changes you would like to see. From here we will gather current data about the state of your organization so we can design a program that will address your needs.  Finally, we will evaluate the results of our work and ensure that you have the long-term support you need to sustain these changes.


When you’re ready to explore how Crescent Coaching can support you, email us at to set up an initial consultation with our coach, Nancy Larocca Hedley.  To read more about Nancy’s background, click here.

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