The Power of “No”

autumn 12.12.12“No” is a powerful word.   But it’s taken me years to understand and appreciate its power.


My natural inclination is to say “yes”.  Yes, I’ll help with that project.  Yes, I can take on a new client.  Yes, I can help lead that new networking group.  Yes, I can bring dinner to that family with a newborn.  Yes, I can skip my yoga class to volunteer in the classroom.


This propensity to say “yes” worked for a long time.  And then it didn’t.  Then I had to learn how … Continue reading

Finding Your Purpose – Tuning In (Part 1)

Earlier this month one of my clients asked if I could recommend a book that would help him discover his life purpose.  I said “yes” but as I thought about which book I would recommend, I realized that I had a whole list of books to share, plus tools and questions to support the discovery process.  I LOVE questions of purpose – for me and others.  In fact, I have been actively working with this myself for (over!) 20 years.


Are you asking yourself these big life questions?

Wisdom in Young Ones

Since summer I’ve been living more consciously in tune with the seasons, delving into the energies of summer and autumn and reflecting on the experience.  As we moved into winter I was expecting quiet, rest, reflection, and a bit of hibernation.  I wasn’t quite ready for death to show up so literally for my family.  But it did, and over the holiday season we experienced the passing of my mother-in-law.

Amidst the grieving and the myriad of details to attend to, I am simply amazed at how my four year old daughter is coping.  Somehow she seems … Continue reading