Closing Out Winter – Looking Toward Spring

spring 2013-1Today is officially the last day of winter!  This is a perfect opportunity to look back at the goals we set for the first quarter of the year, and look forward to what we want to grow and nurture this spring.


As I look back on winter, my biggest accomplishment was the re-launch of my website.  It truly was a team effort and I’m so grateful to everyone who had a hand in its creation.  I’m also incredibly grateful for the strong partnership that’s been created and nurtured with my … Continue reading

Lulls of Our Lives

As the earth begins to awaken from its winter slumber, and I begin to awaken from mine, I am called to reflect on the nature and purpose of lulls of our lives.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “lull” as

1. A relatively calm interval, as in a storm.

2. An interval of lessened activity.

As I pay closer attention to the ebb and flow of my life and work, I have become much more conscious of how I respond to the lulls in my life.  When I first began to notice them it was … Continue reading

Choosing Seeds and Intentions for the Year

What seeds do you want to sow in your life this year?

At the first sunny spring-like day I begin to daydream of what I will plant in my garden. It’s also the perfect time of year to daydream about what seeds you want to plant in your life. You don’t have to plant them yet, or take any action, just come up an intention for what you’d like to focus on this year. Given that it’s the Year of the Rabbit, new projects you initiate will multiply…so ideally you’ll cultivate something that inspires you and brings … Continue reading

Winter – Reconnecting with Yourself

I love this time of year…as winter begins to wind down, and spring begins to make its tentative appearance (at least here in California!).  We have a couple gorgeous days, then we get the wake-up call that indeed it is *still* winter.

Instead of bemoaning the delay of spring (as I often do…I love spring!), this year I’m savoring winter.  I’ve found that quiet and stillness of winter is a perfect time to reconnect with myself, to go inward, to connect with my intuition, to heal and restore myself and my family, to release what is no … Continue reading

Wisdom in Young Ones

Since summer I’ve been living more consciously in tune with the seasons, delving into the energies of summer and autumn and reflecting on the experience.  As we moved into winter I was expecting quiet, rest, reflection, and a bit of hibernation.  I wasn’t quite ready for death to show up so literally for my family.  But it did, and over the holiday season we experienced the passing of my mother-in-law.

Amidst the grieving and the myriad of details to attend to, I am simply amazed at how my four year old daughter is coping.  Somehow she seems … Continue reading

Year-End Wrap Up: Acknowledging Yourself and Others

As we move into December, the nights grow longer and the days grow colder.  I find myself wanting to be inside more, literally and figuratively, and always find this time of year good for reflection.  As we wrap up 2010, and before we turn our attention toward goals and resolutions for 2011, I encourage you to slow down enough to acknowledge and celebrate all that’s happened this year.

Yes, I know that this time of year can be a mad dash to complete those last goals for 2010, attend a full schedule of parties, and complete the … Continue reading