Be The Seed

Spring is almost officially here. March 20th is the big day. For me, there’s something super magic about spring. It’s a time of creation, joy, a bursting forth of energy and life. When I see the explosion of new growth from the earth, I’m reminded that we can also tap into the energy of spring to transform our lives and work.


The magic that comes forth in spring begins with the seed. I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with a Mayan shaman while visiting Guatemala in January and one of the things he told me is this,

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Closing Out Winter – Looking Toward Spring

spring 2013-1Today is officially the last day of winter!  This is a perfect opportunity to look back at the goals we set for the first quarter of the year, and look forward to what we want to grow and nurture this spring.


As I look back on winter, my biggest accomplishment was the re-launch of my website.  It truly was a team effort and I’m so grateful to everyone who had a hand in its creation.  I’m also incredibly grateful for the strong partnership that’s been created and nurtured with my … Continue reading

Reflections on Spring

Of all the seasons, spring is my favorite.  I love to see the wildflowers gracing the highway and my favorite hiking paths.  I love seeing the plants in my garden come back to life and burst forth with leaves and blooms.  And I love to see the tiny fruits begin to take form on my fruit trees and blueberry bushes.

I often find that my life reflects whatever season we are currently in.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this were a bit of unconscious design on my part.  I do love living in harmony with the seasons … Continue reading