Lulls of Our Lives

As the earth begins to awaken from its winter slumber, and I begin to awaken from mine, I am called to reflect on the nature and purpose of lulls of our lives.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “lull” as

1. A relatively calm interval, as in a storm.

2. An interval of lessened activity.

As I pay closer attention to the ebb and flow of my life and work, I have become much more conscious of how I respond to the lulls in my life.  When I first began to notice them it was … Continue reading

Inspiration by Autumn: Clearing Out Clutter

As trees begin to change color and shed their leaves, I’ve found inspiration to do my own personal “shedding”.  I’m ready to shed the clutter, commitments and conclusions that are no longer serving me to create space for something new to emerge, and to re-focus my energy on the parts of my life that bring meaning and fulfillment.

I got started a few weeks ago with my anti-clutter campaign…and it feels fantastic.  I got rid of clothes I no longer wear, organized the linen closet, cleared out my in-box, organized my PowerPoint files, and even inspired my … Continue reading