Be The Seed

Spring is almost officially here. March 20th is the big day. For me, there’s something super magic about spring. It’s a time of creation, joy, a bursting forth of energy and life. When I see the explosion of new growth from the earth, I’m reminded that we can also tap into the energy of spring to transform our lives and work.


The magic that comes forth in spring begins with the seed. I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with a Mayan shaman while visiting Guatemala in January and one of the things he told me is this,

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Choosing Seeds and Intentions for the Year

What seeds do you want to sow in your life this year?

At the first sunny spring-like day I begin to daydream of what I will plant in my garden. It’s also the perfect time of year to daydream about what seeds you want to plant in your life. You don’t have to plant them yet, or take any action, just come up an intention for what you’d like to focus on this year. Given that it’s the Year of the Rabbit, new projects you initiate will multiply…so ideally you’ll cultivate something that inspires you and brings … Continue reading