Time for a Personal Retreat?

Do you find yourself continuing to do the same old thing, year after year?  Do you want more fun and joy as we move into the New Year?  If so, I highly recommend a personal retreat.


Taking time out for yourself as we close out 2012 and step into 2013 is a great way to reconnect with your inner source of wisdom so you can see things clearly and chart a path forward that will help you have more of what you love in your life and work as we enter the New Year.


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A Visit To Esalen

Last weekend I had the incredible opportunity to attend a three-day workshop at Esalen in Big Sur.  I found it beautiful, peaceful and restorative, with amazing teachers and fellow attendees creating opportunities for learning, growth, healing and transformation.

I had important insights about how I need to focus my energy this summer, and how I can support my daughter as she transitions to kindergarten.  Plus I can home refreshed and inspired.  And what I see now is that this incredible weekend almost didn’t happen.

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