Finding Your Purpose – People In Our Lives (Part 2)

contactIf your experience is anything like mine, finding (and living!) your purpose can be challenging.  Tuning in to your inner wisdom is necessary (see Part 1) and today we’ll be looking at an incredible resource we have on this journey…the people in our lives.


For years, I found it difficult to see myself clearly.  (Heck – this continues to this day!) My mentors, colleagues, friends, family and teachers could see my strengths so much more clearly than I could.  And when they shared their insights, it was an incredible gift on … Continue reading

Gratitude with Friends

It’s well known that having a gratitude practice brings innumerable benefits.  But how many of us actually engage in a regular practice?  With our busy and fast-paced lives we often forget to take time out to appreciate the blessings in our lives.

Last year an answer to this problem spontaneously emerged during a gathering of friends shortly after Thanksgiving.  We all wanted to have a regular gratitude practice.  We knew that establishing a new habit would take 21 days.  And we knew that we’d need support from each other to get going.  So we decided to email … Continue reading

Recommended Book – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

After reading many articles about this book by Susan Cain, I finally purchased it after a conversation with a leader with a preference for Introversion told me, “I’m going to give this book to every manager I ever work for as an operations manual.” I have a preference for Extroversion myself, and I live and work with many people who have a preference for Introversion so I decided I needed to get my hands on this book.

After reading this book I came away with a deeper understanding, appreciation and compassion for the people in my life … Continue reading