Energize Through Celebration

12-16 0390, celebrationAs a teacher and coach, I just LOVE when my clients ask great questions.  Last week’s best question came from a client who is in the process of starting a new business.  She wanted to know how to keep up her energy when obstacles appear on her path.


As we spoke, it became clear that she had a lot of the basics in place.  She has the practice of observing her self-limiting conversations and shifting the focus of her attention.  She has a great support structure.  And she has … Continue reading

Sharing What You See

possibility.jpegThe first time it happened was last autumn.  One of my coaching clients told me, “Nancy, you should be a yoga teacher.”  The second time it happened was last week.  One of the participants in my Discover Your Strengths class asked if I was also a yoga teacher.  These two short, off-the-cuff, seemingly inconsequential conversations have stayed with me. I love yoga and the idea of teaching yoga someday.

But when I step back I see something even bigger. I see how magical it is when people see … Continue reading

Closing Out Winter – Looking Toward Spring

spring 2013-1Today is officially the last day of winter!  This is a perfect opportunity to look back at the goals we set for the first quarter of the year, and look forward to what we want to grow and nurture this spring.


As I look back on winter, my biggest accomplishment was the re-launch of my website.  It truly was a team effort and I’m so grateful to everyone who had a hand in its creation.  I’m also incredibly grateful for the strong partnership that’s been created and nurtured with my … Continue reading

Finding Your Purpose – Tuning In (Part 1)

Earlier this month one of my clients asked if I could recommend a book that would help him discover his life purpose.  I said “yes” but as I thought about which book I would recommend, I realized that I had a whole list of books to share, plus tools and questions to support the discovery process.  I LOVE questions of purpose – for me and others.  In fact, I have been actively working with this myself for (over!) 20 years.


Are you asking yourself these big life questions?

Time for a Personal Retreat?

Do you find yourself continuing to do the same old thing, year after year?  Do you want more fun and joy as we move into the New Year?  If so, I highly recommend a personal retreat.


Taking time out for yourself as we close out 2012 and step into 2013 is a great way to reconnect with your inner source of wisdom so you can see things clearly and chart a path forward that will help you have more of what you love in your life and work as we enter the New Year.


Let’s define the concept … Continue reading

Defining Your Words for 2012

Wow – we’re already halfway through January.  For me, 2012 got off to a delayed start so I’m just now getting clear on my dreams and intentions for 2012.  If you’re in the same boat read and want to learn an easy way to clarify your intentions for the year – read on….

The end game is to have 3-5 words that represent your intentions for the year.  You can think of them as a lens through which to view your life and work.  It’s a great tool for being in integrity with yourself, and it can … Continue reading

Welcome Autumn!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox – when day and night are equal length.   For me, these twice-yearly equinoxes are a reminder, an opportunity, to reflect on balance.

American Heritage Dictionary defines “balance” as “A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements, as in a design.“

I love thinking about balance through this lens.  If our lives include a variety of parts or elements, how might they be arranged so that the result is harmonious and satisfying?  Here are some of my favorite questions for reflecting on balance.

What … Continue reading

Part 3 – Creating Your Vision

Are you ready to create your vision?  In the first two parts of this series we looked at whether it’s Time for a New Vision, and Preparing to Create Your Vision.  Now it’s time to actually do it!  I like to break down the creation into two steps: 1) Reflection/Journaling and 2) The Final Form.

Sitting down for reflection and/or journaling is a big step forward as you begin to create the next chapter of your life or work.  So make sure you have plenty of time and space for this undertaking.  Choose a location … Continue reading

A Visit To Esalen

Last weekend I had the incredible opportunity to attend a three-day workshop at Esalen in Big Sur.  I found it beautiful, peaceful and restorative, with amazing teachers and fellow attendees creating opportunities for learning, growth, healing and transformation.

I had important insights about how I need to focus my energy this summer, and how I can support my daughter as she transitions to kindergarten.  Plus I can home refreshed and inspired.  And what I see now is that this incredible weekend almost didn’t happen.

When my girlfriends first brought up the idea, part of … Continue reading