Part 2: What We Do – The Energy Practice

By Arturo Bejar & Nancy Larocca Hedley

Last week we shared Part 1 of our Authenticity at Work series focused on how we be. Now let’s turn our attention to what we do.


There is a bit more complexity here as it generally needs to be agreed upon with others, whether it is our manager, our loved ones, or our co-workers. Before we engage in those conversations we first need to get clarity on what is ours to do. Our favorite practice is to pay very close attention to our … Continue reading

Finding Your Purpose – Time to Experiment (Part 4)

flower 9Welcome to Part 4 in this series on Finding Your Purpose.  As we begin to gain clarity about who we are and what’s important to us, our next step is to take action to bring our dreams to reality.


As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”


This is incredibly important.  I see so many people think they need to have the whole plan figured out to take action.  But it’s … Continue reading

Finding Your Purpose – Top 5 Tools (Part 3)

flower 5These are my all-time favorite tools for discovering your purpose and taking steps to bring it to life.  In addition to providing insight about yourself, they provide a language that you can use with others as you begin to consciously embody and live your purpose.


1)      Gallup’s StrengthsFinder – This assessment is great for helping you identify your unique gifts.  I first did Gallup’s assessment 12 years ago.  It put into words things I knew about myself but hadn’t previously articulated or acknowledged as gifts.  The 30 minute online … Continue reading

Finding Your Purpose – People In Our Lives (Part 2)

contactIf your experience is anything like mine, finding (and living!) your purpose can be challenging.  Tuning in to your inner wisdom is necessary (see Part 1) and today we’ll be looking at an incredible resource we have on this journey…the people in our lives.


For years, I found it difficult to see myself clearly.  (Heck – this continues to this day!) My mentors, colleagues, friends, family and teachers could see my strengths so much more clearly than I could.  And when they shared their insights, it was an incredible gift on … Continue reading

Finding Your Purpose – Tuning In (Part 1)

Earlier this month one of my clients asked if I could recommend a book that would help him discover his life purpose.  I said “yes” but as I thought about which book I would recommend, I realized that I had a whole list of books to share, plus tools and questions to support the discovery process.  I LOVE questions of purpose – for me and others.  In fact, I have been actively working with this myself for (over!) 20 years.


Are you asking yourself these big life questions?