Before Saying “Yes”

My last posting was on the topic of Promises, and the impact of keeping (or not keeping) promises to yourself and others.  Today, we’ll talk about how to avoid getting in the pickle of having un-kept promises in the first place.

As someone who has historically been the “yes, I can take that on” person, I found myself too busy, stressed out, with not enough time for fun, thinking I really could do it all.  I underestimated how much energy it would take to do things…especially something I was doing for the first time, and I didn’t … Continue reading

On Promises

“The bridge between you and your goals and dreams are the promises you keep.” This quote, from the Academy for Coaching Excellence, is simple yet so true.  Let’s look at this from a couple of angles…what happens when you don’t keep your promises, and what happens when you do.

Do you ever find yourself with a list of commitments that you haven’t made good on?  Maybe you’ve made a promise to get to the gym 4 times each week, or to organize the next girls’ night out, or to help a colleague with a special project at … Continue reading