Finding Your Purpose – People In Our Lives (Part 2)

contactIf your experience is anything like mine, finding (and living!) your purpose can be challenging.  Tuning in to your inner wisdom is necessary (see Part 1) and today we’ll be looking at an incredible resource we have on this journey…the people in our lives.


For years, I found it difficult to see myself clearly.  (Heck – this continues to this day!) My mentors, colleagues, friends, family and teachers could see my strengths so much more clearly than I could.  And when they shared their insights, it was an incredible gift on … Continue reading

The Beauty in Potential

As winter comes to a close and spring begins to make its appearance I added some new plants to my garden.  As my bare root blueberry, apricot and grape “sticks” went into the ground I began thinking about the beauty of potential.   American Heritage defines “potential” as “capable of being but not yet in existence”.

When one plants one really needs to envision and appreciate what these little sticks are capable of being, of becoming.  It doesn’t happen over one night, or even over one season.  The seeds I plant now, and the little sticks that have … Continue reading

Lessons from My Garden

Over the years I’ve learned many lessons from my gardening endeavors, and I see important life lessons reflected in my garden.  Here are the highlights of what I’ve learned so far on this journey:

  • Savor What Is Thriving. When your garden is in bloom, savor and enjoy it.  Likewise with life…savor the times when you’re energized by your work, when you find yourself surrounded by good friends, or when you and your family are blessed with good health.  These good times are fleeting, making it even more important to recognize and appreciate them when they appear.
  • Identify … Continue reading
  • On Intentions

    Since late December I’ve been meaning to write a post on creating intentions for 2010.  But as you can see from the date of this post, my mind has spent the last few weeks manufacturing some pretty compelling arguments keeping me from this work.  But last night I went to the Insight Meditation Center and heard Gil Fronsdal speak.  The topic he chose to address was…you guessed it…Intentions!  So I’m taking this as a sign to finally write.

    Last night, Gil said it perfectly, “If you do not choose how to walk through this life, the danger … Continue reading