They’ve Finally Arrived…2014 Intentions

Here it is, January 30th and I *finally* feel like I’m ready to engage with 2014.


The first few years of having my own business, I felt like I needed to be ON IT and have my intentions and goals for the year all fleshed out and ready to go by January 1st.


But the last couple of years have been different.  I’ve noticed that from mid-December through mid-January I’m deep in winter mode (even though winter is pretty mild where I live).  After the celebrations of year-end, I’ve been seeing that I need time to be quiet, … Continue reading

Time for a Personal Retreat?

Do you find yourself continuing to do the same old thing, year after year?  Do you want more fun and joy as we move into the New Year?  If so, I highly recommend a personal retreat.


Taking time out for yourself as we close out 2012 and step into 2013 is a great way to reconnect with your inner source of wisdom so you can see things clearly and chart a path forward that will help you have more of what you love in your life and work as we enter the New Year.


Let’s define the concept … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

It’s been said that how you spend January 1st is a reflection of how the entire year will look for you.  I’m thinking of incorporating a little bit of everything I love today…

  • Savoring time with family and friends
  • Yoga
  • Reflection and writing
  • Enjoying my connection to the earth and savoring the season of winter – in all its wetness!
  • Making plane reservations for our trip to Italy
  • Healthy and yummy food, shared with loved ones
  • Re-reading passages from wise and inspirational books
  • Visioning what my next work project will look like
  • Time honoring Grandma … Continue reading