What a Privilege

This week I’ve been struck over and over again by what an incredible privilege it is to do the work I do. As a coach, I have the honor of being witness to the seeds of my clients’ dreams. In some cases, the dreams appear as seedlings needing care and tenderness to grow into their fullness. Sometimes they are seeds that need to be planted so they can emerge and take root. And sometimes their dreams are like an overgrown vine that needs pruning. In all cases it’s such an honor and a privilege to get support these beautiful and … Continue reading

Spreading Joy: An Appreciation Practice

What would it be like if there was more appreciation in this world?

Would life be sweeter? Would we all have more internal resources to persevere when things get difficult?  Would we begin to train ourselves to see the goodness all around us?


After a particularly challenging week when I noticed a lack of appreciation on a variety of levels, I took it upon myself to do a little experiment – to see what things would be like for me and others if I, as Gandhi puts it, became “the … Continue reading

Part 3 – Creating Your Vision

Are you ready to create your vision?  In the first two parts of this series we looked at whether it’s Time for a New Vision, and Preparing to Create Your Vision.  Now it’s time to actually do it!  I like to break down the creation into two steps: 1) Reflection/Journaling and 2) The Final Form.

Sitting down for reflection and/or journaling is a big step forward as you begin to create the next chapter of your life or work.  So make sure you have plenty of time and space for this undertaking.  Choose a location … Continue reading

The Beauty in Potential

As winter comes to a close and spring begins to make its appearance I added some new plants to my garden.  As my bare root blueberry, apricot and grape “sticks” went into the ground I began thinking about the beauty of potential.   American Heritage defines “potential” as “capable of being but not yet in existence”.

When one plants one really needs to envision and appreciate what these little sticks are capable of being, of becoming.  It doesn’t happen over one night, or even over one season.  The seeds I plant now, and the little sticks that have … Continue reading

Lessons from My Garden

Over the years I’ve learned many lessons from my gardening endeavors, and I see important life lessons reflected in my garden.  Here are the highlights of what I’ve learned so far on this journey:

  • Savor What Is Thriving. When your garden is in bloom, savor and enjoy it.  Likewise with life…savor the times when you’re energized by your work, when you find yourself surrounded by good friends, or when you and your family are blessed with good health.  These good times are fleeting, making it even more important to recognize and appreciate them when they appear.
  • Identify … Continue reading
  • Reflections on 2009

    Earlier this month I gave a talk to a group of women about reflecting back on 2009 and creating intentions and goals for 2010.  At the encouragement of a friend who so generously let me practice my talk with him, I followed my own advice and carved out some time to look back and reflect on what happened in 2009.  Specifically, I looked at what brought satisfaction, joy and positive energy this past year, and what sapped my energy and caused frustration.   Here’s what I learned…

    Three new elements of my work brought lots of fun and … Continue reading

    A Different Kind of Present

    Here we are…in the midst of the holiday shopping season.  In addition to the gifts you may be planning to purchase for those who are important to you, you might consider a different kind of present…the gift of being fully present in your interactions with others.

    Do you find yourself checking e-mail during time with your loved ones? Or thinking about everything else that needs to be done during meetings at work? Has anyone ever threatened to throw your phone away?  Given the fast past of life today and our technological advances, it’s really easy to be … Continue reading

    On Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner which has had me turn my attention to gratitude and appreciation.

    I was introduced to the concept of a gratitude practice two years ago as part of my studies at the Academy for Coaching Excellence and for 30 days I practiced what my teacher, Maria Nemeth, suggests: making a list of three things you are grateful for at the end of each day.  I found this practice to be an incredibly powerful way to shift the focus of my attention from my fears, doubts and worries to all the blessings … Continue reading