Energize Through Celebration

12-16 0390, celebrationAs a teacher and coach, I just LOVE when my clients ask great questions.  Last week’s best question came from a client who is in the process of starting a new business.  She wanted to know how to keep up her energy when obstacles appear on her path.


As we spoke, it became clear that she had a lot of the basics in place.  She has the practice of observing her self-limiting conversations and shifting the focus of her attention.  She has a great support structure.  And she has … Continue reading

Gratitude with Friends

It’s well known that having a gratitude practice brings innumerable benefits.  But how many of us actually engage in a regular practice?  With our busy and fast-paced lives we often forget to take time out to appreciate the blessings in our lives.

Last year an answer to this problem spontaneously emerged during a gathering of friends shortly after Thanksgiving.  We all wanted to have a regular gratitude practice.  We knew that establishing a new habit would take 21 days.  And we knew that we’d need support from each other to get going.  So we decided to email … Continue reading

What a Privilege

This week I’ve been struck over and over again by what an incredible privilege it is to do the work I do. As a coach, I have the honor of being witness to the seeds of my clients’ dreams. In some cases, the dreams appear as seedlings needing care and tenderness to grow into their fullness. Sometimes they are seeds that need to be planted so they can emerge and take root. And sometimes their dreams are like an overgrown vine that needs pruning. In all cases it’s such an honor and a privilege to get support these beautiful and … Continue reading

Year-End Wrap Up: Acknowledging Yourself and Others

As we move into December, the nights grow longer and the days grow colder.  I find myself wanting to be inside more, literally and figuratively, and always find this time of year good for reflection.  As we wrap up 2010, and before we turn our attention toward goals and resolutions for 2011, I encourage you to slow down enough to acknowledge and celebrate all that’s happened this year.

Yes, I know that this time of year can be a mad dash to complete those last goals for 2010, attend a full schedule of parties, and complete the … Continue reading

On Gratitude

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which has had me turn my attention to gratitude and appreciation.

I was introduced to the concept of a gratitude practice two years ago as part of my studies at the Academy for Coaching Excellence and for 30 days I practiced what my teacher, Maria Nemeth, suggests: making a list of three things you are grateful for at the end of each day.  I found this practice to be an incredibly powerful way to shift the focus of my attention from my fears, doubts and worries to all the blessings … Continue reading