Tips for Starting Something New (& Challenging)

Backstory: One of my clients is kicking off a new and challenging project.  After our coaching session, he asked me to write up a summary of what we discussed.  I’m sharing the highlights in hopes that this brings more joy and ease to everyone who is stepping into possibility, and outside their comfort zone.  


Connect with the Juice

You’ve decided to take on a new initiative in your work.  Awesome.  Before you go any further, answer this question: What’s your big WHY behind that commitment?  Your answer will connect you with the “juice” behind any commitment you … Continue reading

The Power of “No”

autumn 12.12.12“No” is a powerful word.   But it’s taken me years to understand and appreciate its power.


My natural inclination is to say “yes”.  Yes, I’ll help with that project.  Yes, I can take on a new client.  Yes, I can help lead that new networking group.  Yes, I can bring dinner to that family with a newborn.  Yes, I can skip my yoga class to volunteer in the classroom.


This propensity to say “yes” worked for a long time.  And then it didn’t.  Then I had to learn how … Continue reading

Setting Goals with Work Life Balance in Mind

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to set goals so we can focus our energy and make some truly spectacular things happen this year….professionally AND personally.


For years, I struggled with work life balance although I’ve been absolutely smitten with the concept since college.  And I know this is a hot topic now with lots of debate about whether balance is actually a reasonable thing to strive for.  Regardless of how you feel about the topic, if there are things outside of your work that are important to you, that aren’t getting the attention they deserve, … Continue reading

Defining Your Words for 2012

Wow – we’re already halfway through January.  For me, 2012 got off to a delayed start so I’m just now getting clear on my dreams and intentions for 2012.  If you’re in the same boat read and want to learn an easy way to clarify your intentions for the year – read on….

The end game is to have 3-5 words that represent your intentions for the year.  You can think of them as a lens through which to view your life and work.  It’s a great tool for being in integrity with yourself, and it can … Continue reading

Happy Holidays – An Invitation to Intentionality

The season is in full swing – the decorations are out, the trees are up, the parking lot at the mall is full and the holiday parties have begun.  I love the holiday season but I also find it really easy to be lured into doing too much and buying too much – leaving myself exhausted and with a depleted bank account at the end of the season.

Over the years, I’ve been questioning my assumptions about what makes a good holiday season and I’ve found that with intentionality the holidays can be full of joy.

Continue reading

Happy New Year!

It’s been said that how you spend January 1st is a reflection of how the entire year will look for you.  I’m thinking of incorporating a little bit of everything I love today…

  • Savoring time with family and friends
  • Yoga
  • Reflection and writing
  • Enjoying my connection to the earth and savoring the season of winter – in all its wetness!
  • Making plane reservations for our trip to Italy
  • Healthy and yummy food, shared with loved ones
  • Re-reading passages from wise and inspirational books
  • Visioning what my next work project will look like
  • Time honoring Grandma … Continue reading

Before Saying “Yes”

My last posting was on the topic of Promises, and the impact of keeping (or not keeping) promises to yourself and others.  Today, we’ll talk about how to avoid getting in the pickle of having un-kept promises in the first place.

As someone who has historically been the “yes, I can take that on” person, I found myself too busy, stressed out, with not enough time for fun, thinking I really could do it all.  I underestimated how much energy it would take to do things…especially something I was doing for the first time, and I didn’t … Continue reading