Tips for Starting Something New (& Challenging)

Backstory: One of my clients is kicking off a new and challenging project.  After our coaching session, he asked me to write up a summary of what we discussed.  I’m sharing the highlights in hopes that this brings more joy and ease to everyone who is stepping into possibility, and outside their comfort zone.  


Connect with the Juice

You’ve decided to take on a new initiative in your work.  Awesome.  Before you go any further, answer this question: What’s your big WHY behind that commitment?  Your answer will connect you with the “juice” behind any commitment you … Continue reading

Part 2: What We Do – The Energy Practice

By Arturo Bejar & Nancy Larocca Hedley

Last week we shared Part 1 of our Authenticity at Work series focused on how we be. Now let’s turn our attention to what we do.


There is a bit more complexity here as it generally needs to be agreed upon with others, whether it is our manager, our loved ones, or our co-workers. Before we engage in those conversations we first need to get clarity on what is ours to do. Our favorite practice is to pay very close attention to our … Continue reading

Clearing Away Unfinished Business

As the first half of 2010 comes to a close, I find my attention pulled both forward and back.  As I look forward I wonder what new and exciting things will emerge in the second half of the year.  And as I look back at the first half of the year, I see that I have a LOT of unfinished business, in all areas of my life, to attend to.  I am grateful to know from both a coaching and feng shui perspective that I need to clear away my unfinished business before I can focus on moving forward.

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