Tips for Starting Something New (& Challenging)

Backstory: One of my clients is kicking off a new and challenging project.  After our coaching session, he asked me to write up a summary of what we discussed.  I’m sharing the highlights in hopes that this brings more joy and ease to everyone who is stepping into possibility, and outside their comfort zone.  


Connect with the Juice

You’ve decided to take on a new initiative in your work.  Awesome.  Before you go any further, answer this question: What’s your big WHY behind that commitment?  Your answer will connect you with the “juice” behind any commitment you … Continue reading

Halloween – An Opportunity to Play

For years I dreaded Halloween.  I hated the pressure of creating a costume, mostly because I had a story in my head about “not being creative”.  But all that fell away when I started seeing Halloween as an opportunity to express aspects of myself that I kept under wraps.  And why not?  With Halloween, anything goes, so why not use it as an opportunity to express your playful, creative, silly, wild side?

The first time I approached Halloween with my new mindset I went as an organic farmer because in my head I AM an organic farmer, … Continue reading

Part 4 – Giving Form To Your Vision

Welcome to Part 4 in the series on Creating a Vision.  Today we’re going to look at taking all the great ideas you came up in Part 3 and put it into “final form” where you capture the essence of what you have seen for yourself in a way that is meaningful for you.


This is an opportunity to be creative and to have fun putting together something that describes or represents your vision of the future.  You’ll want whatever you create to be something that you can see regularly so you can get re-energized and re-inspired by … Continue reading

Summer of Creativity – Update #2: Definitions

One of my assignments this Summer of Creativity has been to define “creativity”…what this means to me.  As I explored, I saw that I had been holding onto a very narrow definition of creativity, essentially equating creativity with being artistic.  And I saw that I had been holding onto old and narrow definitions of myself. ..a la “I have other talents, but being creative isn’t one of them.”

It was difficult to look at this stuff, but ultimately empowering as I was able shed definitions that were no longer working for me, and create a new definition … Continue reading

Summer of Creativity – Update #1

Earlier this month I designated this summer as the “Summer of Creativity” as a way to jump start and usher in a new way of being for myself.  The first week was great:  I saw an abundance of creative outings and activities I was going to do this summer, bought art supplies, and blocked out time in my calendar for creativity.  This was going to be fantastic!

Then reality set in.

My schedule and “to do” list were completely overwhelming.  My outings were cancelled due to family responsibilities.  And the time I’d set aside … Continue reading

Summer of Creativity

OK universe – I get the message.   It’s time to tap into my creativity.  I appreciate all the subtle, and not so subtle, messages you have been sending over the past four years.

I particularly appreciate the people you’ve sent into my life to help get this message through to me: my very creative daughter, my friends, family, colleagues and clients.  It’s been absolutely inspiring to know people who’ve tapped into their innate creativity and brought forth their unique gifts to share with others.

The people we surround ourselves with can have a huge … Continue reading