Leadership Development

Are you struggling with how to scale yourself and your team?


Leading a team can be a big challenge.  There are people and strategic issues to address, and it’s not always easy to scale your organization and meet the changing needs of your customers. In addition, you may feel that your team isn’t living up to its full potential, but you don’t have the tools to support them.


It’s easy to see how this happens.  As you step into new levels of leadership it requires you to let go of the very things that helped you be successful to date.  You may also find that your deep domain knowledge doesn’t translate to solving the organizational challenges you face.  Additionally, we all have thoughts, beliefs, opinions and conclusions that may be holding us back from having the success that we desire – for ourselves and our team.


What would it be like to experience ease and fulfillment in your role as a leader?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a high-performing team where you can focus your energy on the work you enjoy the most?


Crescent Coaching can partner with you to make this happen.  The first step is to reconnect with your values, strengths, and intentions as a leader.  From there we will gather feedback from the people you work with to assess where you and your organization are today.  Then we will partner with you to define a vision for yourself and your organization and support you in taking action to make this vision reality.


Through this process you will learn techniques to empower yourself and your team.  You will learn ways to leverage your strengths, and the strengths of the people on your team.   You will become more conscious of your thoughts and behaviors and see how they impact your leadership, your relationships, and your success.  It’s a journey of inner work being reflected in the outer world – empowering you to empower those you lead.


When you’re ready to get started, email to set up a 30 minute phone consultation with our coach, Nancy Larocca Hedley.  Nancy has over fifteen years of experience working with leaders to step into their potential and grow and develop their teams.  To read more about Nancy’s background, click here.




“Nancy brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on how to tackle tricky organizational and management problems. One of the things I enjoy most about working with Nancy is that she has taken the time to understand me as both a leader and an individual. She helps me tackle the problems I may be facing by reminding me of my strengths and how those can be used to address the issue. When I’m stuck, she asks sincere questions that help guide me towards what I’m trying to achieve. She’ll spend time with individuals in my team as well to help me better understand them and build a stronger organization and better leaders. I believe that I’m a stronger leader because of my time working with Nancy.”

- Pedro C., Director of Infrastructure Operations

“Working with Nancy provides me with a great structure for identifying and working towards my goals as a leader inside my current organization and within the larger context of my career. Nancy’s coaching techniques help me to very quickly understand where and why I get stuck – after which she walks me through concrete, straightforward tolls for changing my approach, attitude and creating actions to get un-stuck! She brings a good breadth of experience, an excellent sense of humor and a genuine commitment to her clients – since working with Nancy I’ve felt like there’s nothing I can’t handle as a new member of my company’s executive team. She’s great!”

- Stacia C., Director of Technology, San Francisco, CA


“Having Nancy come in and coach my team has been an invaluable tool for better communication and teamwork within my organization. She has helped me work with each of my team members to help understand their strengths and weakness and how they can partner with their peers better. This has created a very visible improvement in my organization and allowed us to focus better on the core issues of the business. If anyone wants to take their team to the next level I definitely recommend working with Mrs. Hedley.”

- Daniel Riedel., COO, San Francisco, CA

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