Career Transitions

Are you tired of those Sunday night blues as you look toward the work week ahead?  Maybe it’s time to finally take that leap and make that career transition you’ve been dreaming of.  If you’re like most people we work with, you’ve achieved outward success, but you’re no longer finding joy in the work you do.  Perhaps the work you’re doing doesn’t reflect your passion or purpose in life.


Successfully navigating a career transition can be difficult because continuing to do what you’ve been doing is familiar and comfortable.  Also, it’s easy to back away from making big changes in life because the unknown can be scary, and we all tell ourselves stories that hold us back from stepping into our full power and potential.


What would it be like if you loved your work and felt lucky to get to do it every day?

It’s possible to have meaningful work that plays to your strengths, that reflects your life’s purpose and allows you to make the contribution you are here to make.


Crescent Coaching can support you in making this vision reality.  The journey begins by discovering what holds meaning and purpose for you: your life’s intentions, values and strengths.  From there, we will explore possibilities and define a vision for the next step in your career.  As the vision takes shape we will support you in taking action, despite the obstacles that inevitably arise on this journey, so you can move you toward your goals with clarity, focus, ease and grace.


When you’re ready to get started, email us at to set up a 30 minute phone consultation with our coach, Nancy Larocca Hedley, to discuss how coaching can support you in making this transition with ease.  Nancy has over eighteen years’ experience supporting professionals in their career development, and has successfully navigated multiple personal and professional transitions herself.  To read more about Nancy’s background, click here.




“Just before meeting Nancy, I felt like I had been hanging out in a neutral zone in my career, and I just couldn’t get up the gumption to make a change. I was in a fog about how to move forward, and I lacked clarity on what I actually wanted. Nancy has given me powerful tools and invaluable support in helping me gain momentum, clarity, and to start transitioning to the next chapter. Her insights and wisdom have helped me make positive changes in all aspects of my life, to set clear goals that are in alignment with what I value, and to help me stay focused on what I most care about doing and being in the world.”

-          Jami Milton, PhD, Scientific Editor and Mom, Palo Alto, CA


“Nancy provided a rigor and structure to a situation that most people approach in a very emotional manner, and gave me invaluable guidance and insights during my career and personal transitions.”

-          L. Rabbe – former CIO, Yahoo


“Nancy has the rare ability to listen and empathize with my ideals and worries and focus them into actualized plans of action.  She warmly helped pull out my innate strengths that I had minimized—for years.   I had procrastinated harnessing my own talents until it became an absolute necessity.  I had identified ways to cure a rare childhood illness that one of my children had developed.  However, not being a physician, I felt unable to move the medical community.  Nancy warmly listened to me and gave me concrete steps to create my own path of success.  Step-by-step, she helped me focus my research and writing skills to gain the respect and trust from the medical community.     The results have been far beyond my expectations…..During one year’s time,  I founded a national parent network, have been invited to share my insights with researchers at the National Institute of Health in Washington D.C., Yale, Stanford and Georgetown Universities, to name a few.    The work I have done has been picked up by various media enterprises – the Today Show, DateLine, the New York Times and national health conferences.   The skills I learned from Nancy’s coaching insights continue to encourage and guide me as my organization grows exponentially. Seriously indebted for your kindness Nancy!!”

-          Diana, Founder, P.A.N.D.A.S. Network, Menlo Park, CA


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