Tips for Starting Something New (& Challenging)

Backstory: One of my clients is kicking off a new and challenging project.  After our coaching session, he asked me to write up a summary of what we discussed.  I’m sharing the highlights in hopes that this brings more joy and ease to everyone who is stepping into possibility, and outside their comfort zone.  


Connect with the Juice

You’ve decided to take on a new initiative in your work.  Awesome.  Before you go any further, answer this question: What’s your big WHY behind that commitment?  Your answer will connect you with the “juice” behind any commitment you … Continue reading

Making the Most of Milestones

1255“I’ll be 30 in two weeks and still haven’t figured out what I really want to do with my life!”

This was the conversation I had with my dental hygienist last week. She told me that she has a good job, it pays the bills, but it felt like there was something missing. That she wanted do something more creative with her life but didn’t know what it was.

As a coach who works with people in transition, I hear this all the time. The milestones and turning … Continue reading

Part 3: Contracting For Support

By Arturo Bejar and Nancy Larocca Hedley

The next step on the journey of Authenticity at Work is to take action. And one of the most important forms of action we can take is to ask for and let in support.


(If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, please do check them out.)


Asking for support can sometimes be challenging, as we don’t want to seem like we don’t know what we are doing by asking for help, or we worry about burdening others.


Instead, what you may find, what has … Continue reading

Be The Seed

Spring is almost officially here. March 20th is the big day. For me, there’s something super magic about spring. It’s a time of creation, joy, a bursting forth of energy and life. When I see the explosion of new growth from the earth, I’m reminded that we can also tap into the energy of spring to transform our lives and work.


The magic that comes forth in spring begins with the seed. I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with a Mayan shaman while visiting Guatemala in January and one of the things he told me is this,

Continue reading

Part 2: What We Do – The Energy Practice

By Arturo Bejar & Nancy Larocca Hedley

Last week we shared Part 1 of our Authenticity at Work series focused on how we be. Now let’s turn our attention to what we do.


There is a bit more complexity here as it generally needs to be agreed upon with others, whether it is our manager, our loved ones, or our co-workers. Before we engage in those conversations we first need to get clarity on what is ours to do. Our favorite practice is to pay very close attention to our … Continue reading

Authenticity at Work – Part 1

By Arturo Bejar & Nancy Larocca Hedley

periwinkleLast weekend we co-hosted a breakout session at the Wisdom 2.0 conference on the topic of Authenticity at Work. This topic has been important to both of us for years, and we were honored to have the opportunity to share what we’ve learned on this journey so far. In our next few posts we are going to explore the question of being authentic at work, and how to get support from your co-workers and loved ones so you can thrive. It is a big journey, … Continue reading

They’ve Finally Arrived…2014 Intentions

Here it is, January 30th and I *finally* feel like I’m ready to engage with 2014.


The first few years of having my own business, I felt like I needed to be ON IT and have my intentions and goals for the year all fleshed out and ready to go by January 1st.


But the last couple of years have been different.  I’ve noticed that from mid-December through mid-January I’m deep in winter mode (even though winter is pretty mild where I live).  After the celebrations of year-end, I’ve been seeing that I need time to be quiet, … Continue reading

Energize Through Celebration

12-16 0390, celebrationAs a teacher and coach, I just LOVE when my clients ask great questions.  Last week’s best question came from a client who is in the process of starting a new business.  She wanted to know how to keep up her energy when obstacles appear on her path.


As we spoke, it became clear that she had a lot of the basics in place.  She has the practice of observing her self-limiting conversations and shifting the focus of her attention.  She has a great support structure.  And she has … Continue reading

The Power of “No”

autumn 12.12.12“No” is a powerful word.   But it’s taken me years to understand and appreciate its power.


My natural inclination is to say “yes”.  Yes, I’ll help with that project.  Yes, I can take on a new client.  Yes, I can help lead that new networking group.  Yes, I can bring dinner to that family with a newborn.  Yes, I can skip my yoga class to volunteer in the classroom.


This propensity to say “yes” worked for a long time.  And then it didn’t.  Then I had to learn how … Continue reading