Be The Seed

Photo Credit: Arturo Bejar

Photo Credit: Arturo Bejar

Spring is almost officially here. March 20th is the big day. For me, there’s something super magic about spring. It’s a time of creation, joy, a bursting forth of energy and life. When I see the explosion of new growth from the earth, I’m reminded that we can also tap into the energy of spring to transform our lives and work.


The magic that comes forth in spring begins with the seed. I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with a Mayan shaman while visiting Guatemala in January and one of the things he told me is this,


“You will be a flower of the moon. But first you must be the seed.”


(Big, right? I’m still digesting all that this could mean for my life!)


I was pondering the nature of seeds and spring yesterday and looked up the definition of “seed” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. One of its definitions is “the beginning of something which continues to develop or grow”. This is precisely the opportunity we have each spring. We get to consciously choose which seeds to plant and nurture in our gardens, our lives, and our work. We get to BE the seeds of what we want to develop and grow in our lives.


As I continued my pondering of “being the seed” this morning, I was reminded how all seeds come from another source. Seeds come from a plant that had previously flowered, bore fruit, and left its seed behind.


What does that mean for us?


Seeds, ideas, and possibilities come into our lives from many different sources. They can arrive via an idea or a comment shared by a friend, a book we love, a song that touches our heart, or a movie that helps us see things differently. We can also look to our past experiences and creations for new possibilities of what to sow in the future.


The world is filled with seeds, filled with ideas. And the question is this…


Of all the possible ways you can spend your time and energy this spring, what are the few seeds that you want to plant this year?


For me, it’s going even deeper with the cycles of the earth, moon and sun, with my connection to the earth. And letting those energies hold me as I create and support others on their journeys as a coach and teacher.


Here’s to a wonderful, abundant spring for us all. Be the seed!

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