Part 5 – Bringing Your Vision To Reality

Welcome to the final post about Creating a Vision for the next chapter of your life/work.  It’s been fun to share what I’ve learned over the years from my experiences and from supporting others in successfully navigating the transitions of their lives.  Today we’ll look at steps you can take to begin to bring your vision to reality.

Look at it. Keep your vision close and look at it regularly so you can be reminded and re-inspired.

Talk about it. Share your vision for your life and/or work with people close to you…your partner, friends, family, and colleagues.  Talking about your aspirations is really powerful, as it creates energy for your endeavors.  I learned this from my friend who is a feng shui consultant and it really works.  Not only that, but in sharing you build stronger connections with people you care about, and that can help open up new doors and opportunities, too.

Pay attention. Now that you’ve put your big, bold vision out to the universe, your job is to pay attention – and respond – to the opportunities that come your way.  Earlier this summer I saw that I missed working with teams.  The very next day an email arrived with an invitation to attend a class on organization and systems coaching.  The training was local and I was free the weekend of the class.  Thank you universe!

Oh sh..t moments. It’s awesome when opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere that help us down our path, but if you’re like me there’s often an “oh sh..t” moment that accompanies its arrival.  When a friend recently asked me to do some team coaching, the conversation in my head looked like this, “Yes, I want to do this, but not just yet.  Not right now.  Not until I finish all my training.  Can we talk in four months?”  It goes on from there, as monkey mind does.

These “o sh..t” moments happen because it’s scary to do new things that will help bring your vision to reality.  But if we can begin to see these moments as signs that we are on the right track, we are much more likely to say “yes” to the opportunities that arise.

Create goals. Some people find that they can tuck their vision away in a drawer, and find it years later to discover that everything they’d hoped for has come true.   I’ve found that what works for me is creating shorter-term goals that will ultimately help me get to the big vision.

You can set goals quarterly, every 6 months, or annually.  I like to align mine with the seasons.  When you set goals make sure you’ve recently reconnected with your bigger vision so you can design goals that reflect where you ultimately want to be.

Take action. This is where the rubber meets the road.  Take action.  Respond to the opportunities that arise.  Create new opportunities for yourself.   I love this quote from my teacher, Maria Nemeth, “The bridge between you and your goals and dreams are the promises you keep.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series!  If you’re in transition in your personal life, at work, or with your organization and would like the support of a coach, please drop me a line.

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